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Deborah Trout
Allen, TX
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Hello, I am a married woman with one son who has special needs. I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay home with him as much as needed because employers tend to frown on someone who just has to up and leave. I'm tired of people telling me no you can't work here, or you don't qualify for this, or you're overqualified for that. I have to be able to make an income from home.

My husband and I pulled every resource we could together to begin investing in the real estate investor program with Dean. I finally have my first meeting with a mortgage banker tomorrow on a property not far from where I live. So far, I am really excited and spent about two hours on Craig's List tonight finding both sellers and buyers for my list.

I look forward to continuing this adventure to FREEDOM!!!!!!

I love to travel, read, do arts and crafts, sew, and spend time with my family.

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Stay at home mom in desperate need of income
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