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Baltimore, Maryland
Meditation, Chess, Gardening, Japanese Martial Arts, Yoga, Greek Mythology, Running, Body Building, Window Shopping ,Studying Military Gaming and Strategies

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Success Academy: Here I Come!!!

I am going to make this short and sweet. Tomorrow I join the Success Academy. I am very, very excited which is a modest way to say I am on fire for success via my personal initiative and the Sucess Team that I have already interacted with regarding the telephone. I am on my way now to make myself known to city and county personnel who handle documents and contracts for recording purposes. My willful intention is to surpass every DG Family member who has preceeded me in good clean fun. I am a competitor, so I am looking forward to this. I want to thank the DG Family and Dean for assisting me and my Family in the pursuit of achieving my lifelong dreams of finally realizing that which which has precluded my prior success . I will keep everyone posted who wants to know step-by-step how I am doing my plan of action and strategies in what I have in mind. My intention is to create like clockwork! Have a great, pleasant and properous Life and Day! What you believe deep in your heart you will acheive!!!!

My Experience

Normally, I do not hold a grudge. However, I feel that I was direspected while signing up for the Success Academy. I am from Baltimore, Maryland. In this town we are stone warriors, meaning when we give respect, we demand it back in return. I just want everyone to know that though I respect Deans knowledge. The training of his staff to properly handle a client is something all together. I am still going to sign up but the person I dealt with today was very unprofessional and I for one was turned off by her lack of professionalism. I will continue to forge ahead dispite people who have no class. Thank you for taking time out to read this. I bless everyone toward achieving thier dreams.

The Success Academy: I am humbled, yet growing.

I want to say that I am learning so much more through the Success Academy that my head is spinning. I would recommend it to all that are serious, regardless the price that must be paid. My on-line contact has been superb. The Success Team even followed up my pointed questioning with precision and specific knowledge that galvinized me to immediate steps in correction by a personal telephone call. I have not made any deals yet, but I can taste them coming. Sorry, for the dramatics. Have a great and prosperous day everyone. I pray for all to achieve their dreams!


I am currently looking at a farmhouse that sits on 2 acres with two barns that the owner will take back 100% financing. I told the farmer that when I give him his price that he would give me terms. The gentleman agreed. He wants 285k. I believe that the property will be assessed at FMV of at least 600k. I believe that since the property is between NY and Washington, D.C. that it could be renovated as a bed and breakfast for travelling lobbyist, corporate staffers and politicians conducting business in our nation's capital. My thoughts are to compel the farmer to leave 10% in equity which will be $28,500. From this equity I could renovate the home and or flip it. The incentive for the owner leaving the equity is to provide a promissory not at 10% which is $2,850.00. I will create a balloon payment that matures in 36 months which is 28,500 plus 2,850 which is 31,350. I know I need to get the house appraised and inspected. However, my intuition tells me that this is a good deal. I know I will need to do sold comps and any other due diligence. I would appreciate if can get what I have written constructively criticized. Thanking you in advance.

Baltimore, Maryland Residents who need real help!

I have knowledge of a Lending Group (I met with the owner today)in which I have researched the company that even if you have no money and no credit they will help you get into a duplex, triplex or quadraplex. The main qualifying aspect is that you have a job or at least know some one stable who you trust that will vouch for you. If you have no money this company will work with you to bird dog, in which you can generate monies to buy your first property. Let all say that there is always a way the Lord will create a way out of no way. Caveat Emptor as always...due diligence and superior knowledge. Realtors as a group in Maryland State are very hard headed. However, let nothing deter you regardless of how hopeless things can sometimes appear to be. Thanks Dean again for your inspiration.


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I came across your profile and came here to read it. I am very impressed with how articulate you are. I was wondering, how are you doing with the Academy and your REI? Just curious and interested Smiling I, too, am a member of the Academy, but I am not very fond of it at this time. I started in September, and have done nothing on it for a couple of months. Long story. Anyway, I hope all is well, and I look forward to an update! Take care. Smiling