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Tammy Alvarado
San Antonio, Texas
About Me: 

I am high energy and enjoy working with other people. I love teamwork and tend to be more creative when I have other people to bounce ideas off of and vice-versa. It's the synergy that like-minded people have. My background is in sales, marketing, event's, promotional work and travel. I am a Christian and have much to be grateful for. I've learned and am still learning that obstacles and setbacks are all part of the journey and tests are going to come, and if I prepare for it ahead of time the test may not be as difficult than if I had not prepared for it at all. And there are those things that you couldn't possibly have prepared for and with that I lean on God who makes what seems impossible possible. My family and I live in San Antonio but I am originally from Hawaii and will move back in a few years. I've lived in San Antonio for 17 yrs now and it's a great city.

I enjoy traveling, reading, and learning new things. I like variety and am spontaneous. I get very bored with doing the same things over and over with no sense of purpose in it. I love animals, serving the community, going to ministry and business conferences, and more.

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Where do you live? S.A or DFW?

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Hello Greg,

Where do you live? I am still new and have not done my first deal yet. I was confused to awhile and I am finally starting to see my way through. How many deals have you done so far and what have you learned from them.

Have an amazing week Greg!


Hi Tammy

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How are you doing? I was wondering if you have done a deal yet? I am thinking about setting up the "phone scrip" and see if that would help get some phone calls in. I have set up a "ghost ad" on Craigslist and I got a couple of hits. But I had to cancel it because I could not get a hard money lender for the townhouse I wanted to buy in NE San Antonio. Let me know how you're doing.
Have a great week!!

Welcome Tammy

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Glad to have you as a member here on Deans board. We are all like one big family here. We help each other with our RE problems and cheer each other on. I have done lots of cash deals since I started. It is pretty simple once you get the hand of it. Just read everything you can here on the board and ask questions to the members who have been here a while and the one who have done lots of deals. You will learn quickly from them. That is what I did in the beginning is ask lot of questions and read everything. All my best to you.

RE: How are you doing?

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Hi Carmen,

I did have a house that a partner and I worked on. The house is in Stockdale, TX and not a good buy because it's structure is weak. I've had several contractors/investors that have been doing this a long time go in and say it's not a good buy. We backed out the day before closing. That would have been my first deal. I am no longer working with that partner due to personal reasons and have built my Wholesale Buyers List and will just be doing assignments or Bird Dogging for now to make quick cash.

PM me with your email.

Much Success to You Carmen! I know it's taking awhile but we will get there if we just keep pressing on.

Tammy Alvarado

RE: Welcome Tammy

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Hello Sissy,

It's so good to hear from you. I love the fact that your family is so much into music and you all are very passionate about it and it shows. Tim McGraw came to San Antonio for 911 last year and gave a concert for the military which my husband was a part of. My background is in the event field and have worked for large ministry events and concerts and am so comfortable in that arena. I am in my element when I am in a large crowd especially being able to participate. I just love it! Actually, my picture that I posted here is from the U.S. Army All American Bowl which I worked. It's best high school football players in the U.S. (the best from the East and the West) and I love it!

This site has so much information, we cannot fail unless we give up. I am pressing on even though it's taking awhile. I know that eventually it will "Click" and I'll have my Aha moment.

The Lord Bless you Sissy, and thank you for taking the time to write me.

Tammy Alvarado

Hi Tammy

How you doing?When I emailed you yesterday instead going to your guestbook I end up emailing you in my guestbook daa my bad.Anyway you can go to my site and read on.Take care and God bless. Cecelia

Hi Tammy

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We love working with Tim and Faith and George Strait. (I am kinda fond of ole George, he is a sweetie pie with a nice smile)
You being in event management and not afraid to speak to large crowds will be a huge plus for your RE business. You would be surprised at how many investors are probably in the crowds you speak to.
God bless your husband who is military. What would we do without our military? I have a 19 year old nephew over in Afghanistan who is fighting for America everyday. He fixes big humvees and big equiptment that is blown up by the enemy. He has to be careful because the enemy will place bombs in blown up vehicle knowing that the military will soon be there to recover that blown up vehicle. I know my Charlie has to search for those booby traps before he can even begin fixing the vehicle. I am so proud of your husband and all the guys and girls serving our country. They are our hero's.

South Carolina (Belton) 3/1 $17,000

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1600 sqft, 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Low priced rental property with great comps.

- CRS Comps at $60,000 (Cash Buyers Only)

PM Me Tammy Alvarado

I posted other properties in the Classified under South Carolina, most of them are from Greenville.

My fee is included

Hi Tammy

How you doing? I've read your post about that property in South Carolina,3/1 for $17,000 that's a pretty good deal.But it's a bummer that they were looking for cash buyers only.I'm sorry that it didn't go well,but it's just the beginning many more leads and deals to come.We will prevail!!!Have you been watching Deans video.He is such a great mentor and a inspiration to us all.I GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY!!! Have a Blessed Day!Great Success in All You Do!! Cecelia

RE: George Strait

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Hi Sissy,

I have never met George Strait personally but worked one of his concert's. Years ago I used to work in a Christian bookstore and met Garth Brooks parents who came in to buy Bible's for their grandchildren. They expressed that Garth really wanted to attend church but because of his fans it was difficult for him just to go without being bombarded by people asking for his autograph so he stopped going. His parents were very sweet with a humble spirit.

Working events is my passion. I really would not know where to start in regards to finding investors at an event, but should really look into it and never really thought of doing this. Most of the events I work, I am all over the place and quite busy. I don't plan the event, I mainly go in and do whatever is needed to support it and help it to run smoothly. Sometimes I am in charge of a team and other times I work wherever their is the most need. I love being involved with the events and never get tired of it. New event, new scene, more variety - that's me. My husband used to be in the military and for 17 yrs works for the military and is very busy with a lot of responsibility. He played a big part in Tim's concert for the military and loved every minute of it.

I am looking forward to what Dean is soon to release. I've been overwhelmed in one sense, yet at times feel like my wings have been clipped. I think it's what Dean just talked about, "fences in the mind" and I wouldn't doubt it one bit. So much negativity can be soooooooooooo draining.

The Lord bless you Sissy,

Tammy : )

Cash buyer

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Hey Tammy,
I can put you in touch with a cash buyer out of FL.I have a ph#. But how will I be compinsated? I know of many more as well.

RE: Cash Buyer

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I have just been bird-dogging. I have just ordered the SFL System and look forward to using it. PM me, I'll give you my contact info and vice verse and we can see how we can do this where it can be a win win for all of us.

Together we can make a difference!


Checking in with you

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I just wanted to stop by and say hello to my friend Tammy. How are you doing and are you out there looking for great deals? I know you will succeed and I am following you and your REI. Smiling

Aloha, Tammy

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Used to play music at the Poipu Beach Hotel. Now I'm back in College under Vocational Rehab. Got hurt working with Hawaii Stage and Lighting. Also going to the core four micro enterprise program at nights.Once completed 2 mo. They offer startup loans from 10,000 to 25,000 based on your feasibility study and pro forma statements not on credit history. These are called micro loans which Dean mentions in this weeks video blog The Challenge. Best wishes in all your endeavors and Welcome.

Aloha Nui Loa,

Daryl Mau

Aloha Daryl,

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I just realized you wrote me back in Oct. So sorry. How awesome you played at Poipu Beach Hotel. When I was a kid, my mom used to take us to Poipu all the time, even camping. That hotel was not there then. Most of my mom's side of the family live on Kauai. Let's keep in touch. I don't understand Micro Loans. I haven't done well with schooling.

Aloha Nui Loa, my friend,

Tammy Alvarado