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Tamra Venerable
Arlington Texas
About Me: 

I consider my life a do-over! If that sounds sad to you think again, the opportunity to reinvent myself as a success in REI is so exciting and a bold step into new knowlege is amazing. I am grateful for the encouragement I get from Deans website and I hope to be in position to help others ASAP!!

absorbing all the REI info I can find and taking ACTION! Reward:Tropical Beach

Basic Info

Newbie ready for fast ADVANCEMENT
Have Child(ren)
Some College


ACTION! Just do it!

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everyone around me for the past 2 yrs was so intent on telling me it doesnt work (add the unexpected death of my 37 yr old sister) and it seems that I doubted myself and became a self sabbotage expert. I choose NOW to hang with positive rei people as of today. No more ...see I told you it doesnt work! I cant wait to say ...SEE I told you I could!!!! I LIKE that about ME! Would love to find a mentor to take me under their wing and Im believing that the right people will cross my path....Faith Trust Action