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Challenge of no news for a week

All thou this is a challenge I've takin' all my life, to this day I still find it hard to do.You see I work in a prison and there is nothing positive about that.I've learned to leave work at work and don't take anything personnal and when my wife asked "What happen at work today?" or "How was your day today?" I just simply said "it was work" and then I ask her the same to change the subject and help her with her ordeals.It's funny how it works, if I dont talk about work, it never happened, but if my wife talks about work she feels so much better.Thanks for the challenge and I'm looking forward to the next one

Welcome to the DG Family Teo!!!!!

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I want to thank you for stoping by our Investing in Houston Tx Forum!!!
You know I read your top comment and all I want to say to you is this.....
Log in to deangraziosi.com every chance you get..... watch the monday weekly video blogs he posts for us.... and don't give up on your dreams!!!!
I kind of understand you when you say you don't want to talk about work but don't worry about that....
Talk to us about your Real Estate adventure and tell us about your progress...... tell us about your acheavements and tell us about your challenges... I will listen and many others will too!!
You will find in this site what you won't find anywhere else which is the support you need to succed from Dean and many others.
Keep your chin up and let's mae it happen!!!
Take care and Good Luck in your future deals!!!!

Alex Rubio from Houston