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Thomas Keys
Detroit, MI
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I am 24 year old full-time college student looking to start investing in RE. I'm approaching my 3rd year and my student loans are accumulating- with ridiculous interest as well Sad I don't plan to waste away my life working 9-5's just to pay off my loans by time I turn 52!!!. I hope and pray real estate gives me the edge I need to live up to my true potential.

RE, Muscle Cars, Fitness/Nutrition, Learning something new everyday

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Full time college student
No Children
Some College
In a Relationship

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Mainly Just This One


Hey I'm in Michigan

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I have been taking Deans real estate success program and I have started to look for deals. It would be great if we could team up on some deals. I have 10 Buyers on my list. Just started Marketing to motivated sellers. Great asperations to wholesale properties soon

sounds fantastic

Are you near Wayne/Oakland/Macomb County? If so what kind of properties are you and your buyers seeking?