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Anthony Washington
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My name is Tony Washington I live in Brooklyn,NY married with 2 kids, a college graduate with a MBA and was downsized 8 months ago. I am extremely motivated to get started investing in real estate because I am currently living off of my savings. So there is no time to waste! So if anyone understands the pressure that I am under please feel free to contact me!

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Finding investors in NYC?

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I'm trying to find some investors in NYC. Although I see people from around the country talking about different deals they made I have yet to see someone in NY, where the market is completely different from most states!


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Am I alone in NYC trying to invest in real estate? I don't think so so some one please respond asap? Thank You!!

Better late than never,


I just saw your page today for the first time, Did you give up? Did you ever find other NY investors? How are things going for you. I do not live that far from you, I know exactly what you mean about the NY market, but there have to be opportunities everywhere, right?


Welcome Anthony

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I wanted to drop by and welcome you to Deans board. We are all like one big family here. Feel free to ask questions from those of us who have done lots of deals. If one can't help there are others that will have an answer for you. Read all you can here on the forum and make sure you have Deans 2 books. The books are worth their weight in gold. They helped to to successfully close 21 cash deals as of now. Again welcome and I look forward to hearing about your first RE deal.