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This past weekend my girlfriend and I went to a RE seminar. This was the worst experience I have had since I got into real estate. For three days we sat in a convention room, listen to the speaker treat every one horribly. She was extremely rude, arrogant, down talking every one. Every time we went on break, I would hear the people in the halls and the elevator complaining about how rude the speaker was. Treating every one like stupid children and talking to them like they were ignorant.

Yet all of us endured the three days. Why? Because we are all desperately seeking any information we can get to move forward in our real estate careers. At one point, on the second day the speaker yelled at two women because they had to leave thirty minutes early. She also yelled at all of us, because she caught someone handing out business cards. She said that all of us agreed we would not hand out cards, so why would any one want to do business with a liar.

On the last day the speaker made every one take turns going to the back of the room to have her partners sell their product to us. My girlfriend and I explained to the speakers partner (Bob) that there was no way they would get a penny more out of us, after the way we were treated for the last three days. Plus add the fact that the speaker also teaches some of the classes. You do not treat people like crap and then ask them for money.

My girlfriend told Bob that we were not stupid and I have already had eight land purchases. I have already started going through the NOD list and have knocked on doors. Bob told me that I was committing a crime and what I was doing was agent the law. I told Bob that I do not know where he is from, but here in Las Vegas I can knock on the home owner doors. It is legal. My girlfriend asked Bob if she could purchase the software only. Bob stated that she could not just buy the software. She had to purchase a package to get the software. It is not sold separate. I explained to Bob that I had googled the software and she could purchase the software on line. This made me think of the speakers statement would you want to do business with a liar?

Before I paid for this seminar I asked, is this three days of sell, sell, sell or will they be teaching something? I was told that the majority of the time they will be teaching, but there will be a little bit of selling their product.
Day one – five hours of extremely rude, sell and two hours of talk and information.
Day two – three hours of extremely rude, sell and four hours of talk and information.
Day three – two hours of extremely rude, sell and three hours of talk and information.
Obviously his definition of a little bit and mine are two different things.

What Seminar did I attend? To my shock, Dean Graziosi. The seminar speaker was Dina Buchanan. Dean Graziosi has always seemed very concerned and real. Genuinely wanting to help people. Hopefully Dean Graziosi just chose the wrong people to represent him at this seminar.

Las Vegas Investors (online network)

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Hello Tammy,

I am writing to inform you that I have started an online networking group for those of us Las Vegas Area Real Estate Investors. We are not an REI Club, and don't hold meetings, but we have set aside this group to ask questions - and have your questions answered. Please feel free to join us and expand your Las Vegas Area Network/PowerTeam.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Jonathan & Roxanna
Flippen Investor, LLC