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Jason Leonce
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Iam from Brooklyn NY. Been in Va for a while. Live in a apartment with my girl friend and looking to become a invester in real estate. I always new real estate investing would chang my life. Just didn't know when, where, and how to get started. Reading Dean's book really put it into perspective on how easy it can be once you educate your self on what to do. It will take time, but i will get it done and apply what new knowledge from the book. Iam thankful for what I have. This will give me more drive to get started cause I want more for me and my family.

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Welcome to the DG website community. The website is packed with information and inspiration. Congratulations on reading Dean's book, it is packed with tips, strategies and information. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

What's Good Jason...

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what's popin Jason... It's always Good to see a Native New Yorker trying to make it happen. That's peace that you're looking to enhance your way of life with real estate and strategies Dean laid out for us in his books. If you have any Questions about where to start or Assignment Deals, Holla! I'm making moves in Florida with Dean's Strategies and it's working good on this side of town. I'm originally from The South Bronx, where there's nothing pretty, but was able to escape the Projects negativity and moved to Florida and start on a new page with my life...

VA Beach

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I live in the hampton roads area and interested in helping each other out as we go through this RE journey. If your interested in working with some hungry individuals message me.