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We are just like you... A professional real estate business. Our owner has been in real estate for 30 years. He is a California real estate broker and real estate investor with hundreds of transaction under his belt. He hates it when we brag about his experience however we think it is important for you to know that we understand what is required. After all we use this mail for ourselves too.

Because we send thousands of letters for ourselves our finger is on the pulse of the market so to speak. When the market changes we are right there to advise you. Our goal is to create superstar real estate professionals. We want repeat customers and strive towards fulfilling that goal.

In the beginning; we actually started this facet of our business out of the request from agents and investors Michael would help. They were always asking how he did so much business and if he would help them too. So here we are.

We take pride in the fact that some customers call us coach, mentor, and even sansei. Michael likes it best when customers refer to us as "Friend".

We think our best quality is that we are just down to earth people who stay professional. Kind of like our letters. Professional with a friendly touch.

Give us a try, you wont be disappointed. You never know we might just become friends.

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